National Pastors

This is the dedication service for Grace Baptist Church in Tiruvuru, India, Pastor Kommu Karunakara Rao .  Below his picture is him and his wife. Then we have a family picture.


Please pray for this family.  They need monthly support.  They love the Lord and the congregation that the Lord has given them.  Their boys work with them and also love the Lord.  This is a praying family and one that will bring much glory and honor to our Lord.


We had a wonderful time on this very special day!  We had the dedication prayer and then

cut the ribbon!  So much rejoicing that day!  The building is packed....women and children were allowed inside, as there were so many in attendance that literally hundreds had to sit and stand outside!


Of course,  every celebration includes eating....we are still Baptist in India! It was reported to us that, according to the food that was served, there were nearly 700 in attendance!  Many of our national pastors came and brought people with them!


We would ask you to pray for the works in India.  We have national pastors that need support, in order to care for their people! If the Lord prompts you to support this pastor, simply make note on your check that you want your money to go to  Pastor K of Grace Baptist Church.


Missionaries from all around the world will tell you that money is needed to carry on the ministry.  Money can be used for God's glory, no matter the amount!  However, we covet your prayers the most!   Without the touch of God, all of our labor is in vain.

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